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We develop robust policies and advocate for regulatory reform to facilitate private capital investment in Australia.



We provide unique opportunities for our community to come together, share knowledge and to create enduring, valuable networks.


Professional Development

We deliver a range of programs to provide market-leading industry knowledge for professionals in our industry.


Australia Private Equity and Venture Capital Index

As an asset class, Australian private equity and venture capital has consistently outperformed public markets over time with 19 per cent returns over ten years compared to eight per cent for the ASX 300 and five per cent for the ASX Small Ordinaries.

This is because of the active management by PE and VC managers in working with founders and management teams to develop, grow and expand businesses across every sector of the Australian economy.

Global investment firm, Cambridge Associates, recently prepared reports for the Council on the performance of Australia’s PE and VC markets over time. This latest research shows:

  • A$35.9 billion has been distributed to PE and VC investors from 1997 to 2023 TYD (net of fees, expenses and carried interest).
  • PE and VC in Australia have outperformed public markets over the medium to long term with 18 per cent returned to investors over 10 years, compared to nine per cent for the ASX 300, and eight per cent for the ASX Small Ordinaries index.
  • Australia’s PE and VC performance is in line with US and European peers over five, 10 and 20 years with stronger performance relative to peers over three years.

Access the full report here


Private capital investment firms deliver significant value for businesses that require access to market-leading skills, experience and networks to help them unlock growth opportunities here in Australia and around the world. 

Members of the Australian Investment Council include: private equity, venture capital and private credit funds, alongside institutional investors such as superannuation and sovereign wealth funds, as well as leading financial, legal and operational advisers.


The combined total of assets under management of private equity, venture capital and private credit in Australia
Preqin & Australian Investment Council Yearbook 2023


The total value added to the economy by firms under private capital ownership in Australia during 2020 (equal to 2.6% of GDP)
EY, Funding a brighter future.
May 2022

474,763 FTE jobs

Supported by the private capital industry
EY, Funding a brighter future, May 2022


of undeployed capital in private equity, venture capital and private credit funds available for investment in Australia
Preqin & Australian Investment Council Yearbook 2023


Private Equity and Venture Capital Index net annual return on a 10 year basis (to 30 June 2023)
Cambridge Associates, Australia Private Equity & Venture Capital Index and Selected Benchmark Statistics (Q2 2023)


Foreign investment has grown considerable over the past two decades, now accounting for almost half of active investors committing to Australian-based funds
Preqin & Australian Investment Council Yearbook 2023


The Australian Investment Council is the voice of private capital. We bring our member firms together on a regular basis to connect and build relationships, share market insights, and hear from some of the world’s leading subject matter experts. 

In collaboration with our Board of Directors and other advisory committees, our member firms provide input to help inform the work the Australian Investment Council does in representing the private capital industry with government and regulators on a wide range of important policy matters. 

The Australian Investment Council represents the interests of all members equally, because the ultimate objective is the same. Creating stronger and more competitive Australian businesses that are innovative, that create new employment opportunities and make a major contribution to the economy and communities in which they operate, is key to our ongoing growth as a nation.

Over the past 25 years, our industry has helped build thousands of Australian businesses in almost every sector of the economy and each year we gather to celebrate our industry’s success at the Australian Investment Council Awards. 

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The Australian Investment Council is led by a Chief Executive who reports to a Board of Directors comprised of 16 senior leaders from member firms across the private capital industry in Australia.




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