Gender Diversity & Inclusion in Our Industry


We’ve been working with our Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committee since 2015 to help reverse the gender imbalance across the private capital industry in Australia. Since its inception, the Diversity Committee has brought about significant change through increasing awareness of the importance and benefits of diversified and inclusive teams; promoting female investment professionals within the industry as role models; supporting the junior women who will become the leaders of our industry; and launching an industry wide Champions of Change program.

There is now a growing conviction that companies with gender diverse teams can achieve better growth, cost savings, and profitability, while strengthening stakeholder relations and improving their brand and reputation.

However, while we have made progress with the number of women in the industry rising, there is still significant improvement required as women make up only 10% of senior roles and 20% of the total industry in Australia.

Published a Case for Change, The 2020 Scorecard, Diversity Handbook and Checklist

Arranged tens of meetings with fund manager investor members
Recognised 5 Leadership in Diversity Award winners
Profiled 15 female industry leaders in case studies
Annual women’s networking drinks and university information days
Various meetings with recruiters
Matched 59 people in the Diversity Mentoring Program
Signed up 10 senior industry leaders to an industry-wide program

Our Industry

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Fund Manager and Investor Members

Diversity Mentoring Program Diversity Case Studies
Leadership in Diversity Award
Sign up to the mentoring program that empowers both emerging and established leaders by fostering the sharing of insight, knowledge and skills.   Share your journey as a woman in private capital in our investing for growth video series and help inspire other women to join the industry.   Apply for the Leadership in Diversity Award to increase your exposure to great talent and gain recognition for your efforts.
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All Industry Professionals

Meeting and Panel Pledges LinkedIn Group
Gender Diversity & Inclusion Checklist
Sign up to the Champions of Change meeting and panel pledges to increase the participation and opportunities for women in our industry.   Join the online platform for women in the private capital industry to create meaningful networks and share insights and experiences.   Measure your firm’s scorecard with our checklist and become a gender diversity leader with our roadmap recommendations below.
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 McKinsey & Company Diversity Report   Voice of Influence Masterclass    
The new report builds on prior McKinsey research on diversity in the workplace to explore diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in the global private markets industry.   Sign up to online voice training with a special members discount and be empowered to be a voice of influence (login required).    
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