Free patient recruitment to support COVID-19 treatments and vaccines

Manuri Gunawardena, Founder and CEO, Healthmatch


HealthMatch, backed by Tempus Partners, is an AI platform that matches patients to clinical trials, accelerating the time taken for new treatments and medicines to reach the market. Currently, 80% of clinical trials fail at the patient recruitment stage, which is a significant roadblock in an R&D industry that spends $200 billion annually.

In early March, HealthMatch responded to the pandemic by offering free patient recruitment to all organisations researching COVID-19 treatments and vaccines. They also launched an open public global clinical trial tracker enabling transparency of the trial data and results.

HealthMatch is already working with global pharmaceutical giants such as Hoffman La Roche to reshape the future of healthcare and is proving to be a pivotal contributor to accelerating R&D for COVID-19 vaccinations and treatments.