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“The rapid growth of investment into new and emerging companies focused on solutions to address climate-related issues is indicative of the skills and innovation within the domestic economy that can be harnessed to contribute to a reduction in the carbon footprint.”

Yasser El-Ansary, Chief Executive

Alicia Gregory, Deputy Chair, provides insights on how ESG is shaping the industry on a domestic and international scale.

As an industry, private capital is increasingly making more commitments to embrace robust ESG plans which include the reduction or elimination of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

This is being driven as much by private capital firms as they compete for investment capital, as investors who are seeking more evidence of commitments to ESG practices and improved disclosure.

The Australian Investment Council has engaged with General Partners (GPs) and Limited Partners (LPs) in the development of an ESG framework that facilitates bespoke ESG policies that consider the fund’s individual circumstances and meet any specific mandates or LP requirements.

A number of LP and GP members have reduced their carbon footprints and have worked closely with their portfolio companies to help them do the same and also to develop climate policies. Some members for example, have introduced travel policies to minimise air travel to only what is necessary and have adopted a hybrid approach to due diligence. They have also engaged with their landlords to see where energy consumption in the buildings where they are located can be reduced and are increasingly switching to green power and buying carbon offsets if their own targets cannot be met.

The Council will continue to work with members in supporting the industry’s role in developing a net zero economy.


As an industry, private capital is increasingly making more commitments to embrace robust ESG plans which include the reduction or elimination of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

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Development of an ESG Expert Group Committee (In progress)

ESG Policy Framework (this template assists in developing company specific ESG policy)

ESG Workshops 1

VC ESG Workshop 2

ESG Outcomes Workshop 3

GHG Workshop

GHG Outcomes Report

GHG Awareness Articles based on interviews with Member LPs and GPs

GHG Investment Good News Story (Carthona Capital and Path Zero)

The Australian Investment Council has continued to support Diversity & Inclusion strategies that are aligned with the future growth of the private capital industry. Our Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committee, comprising senior practitioners from across the sector, has been actively engaged with the Council throughout the year on initiatives to further the development of D&I.



Diversity and Inclusion Survey

The Council is working in partnership with McKinsey & Company on an industry-wide Diversity Survey to identify current practices around D&I across investment organisations in Australia. This will measure the sentiment from all employees in the industry across operating and investment teams, and improve the level of understanding of how individuals are experiencing the industry. It will also support the Council’s efforts in equipping the industry by providing a realistic baseline measurement of initiatives implemented to date and will serve as a current and future reference four our work on D&I.

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Addressing unconscious bias and being consciously inclusive

Later this year, a unique information session will be held, focussing on how firms across our industry can address unconscious bias, and in doing so, also become more consciously inclusive.

The session will be led by McKinsey & Company as an introduction to equip participants with a baseline understanding of the key drivers to help to build more inclusive working environments. This is aligned with the approach being taken by leading international private capital investment firms who are embracing the opportunity to become more inclusive and to build stronger performing teams that can partner with investee companies to take advantage of today’s rapidly evolving world.

Alicia Gregory, Head of Private Equity at the Future Fund, and Deputy Chair of the Australian Investment Council, will join the presenters to share perspectives on unconscious bias and conscious inclusion, and identify the market-leading expectations of institutional investors in Australia and in the international market.  

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Ten senior private capital leaders have committed to our industry-wide Champions of Change program and are continuing to work with the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee to provide insights and ideas for strategies to support initiatives such as flexible work practices to build an inclusive and thriving industry.

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Emerging Female Leaders Mentoring Program

The mentoring program, managed by the Australian Investment Council and the Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committee has continued to go from strength to strength with applications oversubscribed in 2021.This program is an important part of the work of the Council and the Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committee to empower emerging and established leaders to share their experience, insights, knowledge and skills.

New industry-wide parental leave policy template

The Council has launched a new parental leave policy template for the industry which includes standard and best practice terms for members to consider when developing policies in this area.

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