The Australian Investment Council is pleased to launch its inaugural digital series, Invest Week, via our media partners at ausbiz. The series will be focussed on building awareness about the private capital industry as an investment strategy and promoting the role it plays in helping businesses grow. If you are an investor, or someone looking to learn more about the private capital industry, these videos will provide you with a basic introduction about the private capital industry, what it does, performance data and guides to how an investor might go about investing in this asset class.


Day 1 | What is Private Capital?

In part one of the Invest Week digital series, Yasser El-Ansary talks to Mark Richardson from Wolseley Private Equity about what private capital is, how big the private capital market is in Australia and its unique characteristics which differ from other asset investment strategies such as the listed equities market. For an investor new to the private capital industry, you will learn about all the general terms associated with private capital investment, what the investment process looks like, timeframes involved and what happens after you invest into a business. Mark and Yasser discuss the types of businesses make good candidates for private capital investment.

Day 2 | How Private Capital works

In the second part of the Invest Week digital series, Yasser is joined by Dr Kath Giles, CEO of OncoRes Medical. Kath has a unique background as a front-line medical practitioner, then making a move into another phase of her career by taking on a role in the investment sector. She talks to Yasser about how that experience set helped her see a more comprehensive picture of the role of investors and the role of business leadership in delivering outcomes for all stakeholders and what she sees as the most important elements or features of the relationship between VC investor and the portfolio company.

Day 3 | Performance of Private Capital

The third part of the Invest Week digital series explores the returns that can generated from investing into private capital, featuring insights from Eugene Snyman and Margaret Schlott of Cambridge Associates. The session covers diversified investment strategies and the role private capital plays within a diversified portfolio; considerations for investing in private capital, impacts and drivers in private capital post COVID-19 and some of the distinctions within private investment strategies. See supporting data from Cambridge Associates.

Day 4 | Practical tips for investing into Private Capital

In the fourth and final instalment of Invest Week, Yasser El-Ansary talks to Gillian Gordon from JBWere and James Martin from Hamilton Lane about the best way for potential investors to acquire more knowledge and begin the process of researching the opportunities that are available in investing in private capital.


Any advice that may be provided in this presentation will be of a general nature and has been prepared without taking into account any potential investor’s objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider whether the advice is appropriate for you in light of your own circumstances.

This discussion is built around awareness of investing in private capital for wholesale investors, that is, investors who would meet the definition of a wholesale client under s761G(7) of the Corporations Act.

There are a variety of ways that an investor could be classified as wholesale, one of which would be to obtain a valid accountant’s certificate which confirms that the investor either has net assets of at least $2.5m, or has gross income of at least $250k for the last two financial years. The accountant’s certificate must be from a qualified accountant and must be less than 6 months old.