Find an Investor

The private capital industry has $13bn available to invest into great Australian businesses (Data from Private equity: Growth and innovation and the Preqin & Australian Investment Council Yearbook 2020) and is a key driver of economic growth. To help find the right investor to help your business, read the following tips about how to do your research, and be prepared.

Choosing the right investor

The Australian Investment Council represents most private capital organisations in Australia. The Australian Investment Council Directory of Members provides basic information about each member's investment preferences.

Types of private capital investors


Venture Capital


Support businesses in their start-up or early growth phase.


Support businesses that are in a major growth or expansion phase.


Help businesses that are underperforming or in financial difficulty.


Invest in larger corporations who may be divesting non-core business units, or seeking to take a publicly-listed corporation back into private ownership.

Private Credit

Assist with accessing debt funding to help the business invest in growth for the long-term.

What investors look for

When selecting and approaching a potential investor, you should be well-researched, and well-prepared. To help you get started, consider the following: 

Sector experience: Check the industry sectors the investment firm specialises in and ensure it matches the sector your business operates in.

Investment stages: Different types of private capital firms invest in businesses at various stages of their lifecycle.

Transaction size: Most investors have a preferred transaction size.

Geographical location: Check the locations the investors operate in.

Once you have a short list of potential investors, it is often a good idea to contact the private capital firm and request more information about the industry sectors they are focussed on, and their specific investment processes.

Additionally, you should research the additional value that the investor can bring to your organisation. These skills may include industry knowledge, fundraising, financial and strategic planning, recruitment of key personnel, mergers and acquisitions, and access to international markets and technology.

Prepare your business plan. Here is a guide to preparing a business plan.

Prepare your pitch. Here is a guide from serial entrepreneur Dr. Tom McKaskill on developing a comprehensive, informative and appropriate investor presentation.